The Fund to Prevent Homelessness Serving the communities of: Beverly, Essex, Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Rockport and Wenham
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The Fund to Prevent Homelessness has been helping families since 1989. Our organization is a tax exempt non-profit charity focused on providing confidential assistance to working families who are facing foreclosure or eviction due to unusual circumstances that have depleted their financial resources.

We provide a one-time grant to qualified families so they can stay in their homes, in their communities, close to their friends, families, and schools. The assistance provides families in need with a lift that will help them through a tough time and keep them on track for a stable future.

The fund supports families that do not qualify for other funding and would otherwise fall through the cracks. We help these families before they lose their homes and possibly their dignity.

Since its inception, The Fund to Prevent Homelessness has helped hundreds of families and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. 100 percent of the money donated goes directly to families in need so donors don’t need to worry about how their money is spent. Funds are dispersed directly to a bank or landlord.

If you know a family in need or would like more information about our organization, please feel free to contact us.

The Fund to Prevent Homelessness
PO Box 17
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Helping Families in North Shore Communities Since 1989. The Fund to Prevent Homelessness • PO Box 17 • Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA 01944 • 978-927-1561

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